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Winch Lines

HMPE Winchlines

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  • HMPE fibers used for maximum strength per weight

  • 70% lighter than steel with the same tensile strength

  • 12 strand core and special braided cover layer from HMPE© fibers

  • Optional braided cover for improving abrasion resistance

  • Safer and easier to handle

  • No kinks

  • Non corrosive even under high humidity and extreme weather conditions.

  • Long service life

  • Very good against bending fatigue

  • Hooks and connectors suitable for standard use

  • Custom design of hooks and connectors for special use

HMPE Guard Winchlines-06.png

Recommended Use

  • Off-road Winchlines

  • ATV winch lines

  • Winch lines for military vehicles

  • Specially recommend for use in highly abrasive conditions


  • Heat-Stretching of HMPE Core for higher strength and lower elongation

  • Polyurethane coating of core HMPE® for better core-cover interaction

  • Pre-Stretching of final rope for lower elongation and more balanced product

  • Treatment for improved abrasion resistance and durability

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