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About Us.

Since its establishment in 1986, Kord has been continuously improving its product quality and product range in order to answer changing customer needs and expectations. 

With its production plant working continuously 24 hours with 200 employees in Kırklareli Turkey, main office in Istanbul, Turkey and satellite office in Bremen, Germany Kord produces a wide range of braided products from cotton shoe laces to braided carbon composites.

A Family Company Focused on Technical Braided Cords and Ropes

High Quality Products

Superior quality in each meter

With its in-house lab, Kord is capable of carrying out both standard and industry specific tests. Kord is dedicated to continuously improve its product quality.

All the processes are done in accordance to ISO 9001:2015 standards and planned and monitored with ERP, MRP and efficiency tracking software’s.

Technology for a
Better Future

Lighter, safer, more durable products

Kord continuously works on applying innovative production technologies and advanced technical textile products to its product range.

With the use of technical fibers such as HMPE, LCP, Aramids and Carbon, Kord can develop lighter, safer and more durable braids and composites.


Cords For All Applications

Over 30 years of experience in production of textile & industrial cords.

As one of the leading producers of industrial and textile threads, cords and ropes, Kord is spread out in a total of 10,000 m2 indoor area that includes the head-office, production and warehouses.

Kord is a reliable partner in industries such as textile, footwear, home appliances, industrial solutions, performance sailing and military applications.

Braiding the World


Braiding around the world each month.

With over 1,200 braiding heads and a capacity of over 40,000,000 mt/month for 0.6 – 30 mm cords, Kord  has one of the largest braiding capacities in Europe and produces braided ropes and cords enough to encircle the world every month. The large variety of braiding machines enables Kord to produce customized products for its customers.


Technical Treatment of Braids

Making a BETTER Cord


Together with R&D, Kord highly invests in improving its know-how, machine park quality in finishing applications for threads, cords and ropes.

6 continuous production lines for Heat Stretching and Chemical Coating of Technical Cords.


9 continuous production lines for polishing and waxing of textile cords.


Special treatment and finishing machines to apply specific properties such epoxy coating, anti-wick and heat shrinkage.


Customers All Over The Globe

Large and small customers all over the world

Kord has adapted its customer services and distribution to be able to serve large international corporations along with local shops all over the world.

With the aid of local distributers, sales agents and direct shipment Kord products are currently used in over 50 countries.

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