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General Industrial Applications


Raw Materials

Product Groups

  • Cords for general industrial use

  • Wide selection of technical cords

Product Details

Raw Materials

  • Cords, threads and ropes are used in various industries for numerous applications.

  • Each application requires different properties. With consideration of each industries needs our products are designed with the use appropriate material, braiding technics and treatments.

    • Examples of required properties

    • High / Low elongation

    • High tenacity

    • Light weight

    • Anti-Wick

    • Fire Retardancy

    • Long fatigue life

    • Low creep

    • Abrasion resistance

    • Resistance to chemicals

  • After braiding or twisting cords are treated with proper applications for enhanced qualities.

  • Final products and their compliance with the technical requirements are tested in KORD labs

  • Custom packaging suitable for

  • Custom designs for decorative packaging

  • Food grade packaging industrial use

  • High tenacity polyester

  • High tenacity polyamide

  • LCP – Vectran™

  • Aramid - Kevlar™ - Twaron™ - Technora™

  • HMPE - Spectra™ - Dyneema™

  • Carbon Fiber

  • Monofilament PE

  • Coton – Organic / Regenerated / Standard

  • Linen


  • Heat-Stretching of HMPE Core for higher strength and lower elongation

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